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Beaches to Visit
Marathon A & Marathon B

Marathon A and Marathon B are both located at walkin distance from Aegian Kazarte, are organised beachs and one of the most visited beaches on the island. It is sandy and the water is shallow, because of this it is a popular beach for families with small kids. Sunbeds are FREE for the guests of the various restaurants. Marathon A starts at the beginning of Marathon whereas Marathon B is at the other end of Marathon.


Aeginitissa beach This beach is located in the beautiful bay of Aiginitissa with it’s huge Eucalyptus trees and incredible sunsets. The seawater is crystal clear and turquoise blue. Fantastic sunsets.

Klima Beach

Klima Beach, The Sandy Beach of Klima is located on the south side of the island, next to the bay of Klidi. During the week, it is a quiet beach but during the weekends it can be quite busy as the bay is a popular anchor bay. If you look from the beach upwards the hill you see the houses of the village of Sfendouri. To access this beach you need a car. Note that the road has steep spots.

Moni Island Beach

 A visit to the island of Moni, opposite Aegina, is highly recommended for nature, sun & sea lovers. Enjoy it’s fantastically clean waters and beautiful nature with its animals, the only inhabitants of the island. Moni lies at a short distance from Aegina island and there are regular boat connections from Perdika throughout the summer months. The small boats disembark at the organised sandy beach on a cove on the north coast of the island, within 10 minutes you will reach this paradise location, ideal for children!

Restaurants to Visit
Stelios Stratigos (50m from Aegian Kazarte)

Next to the beach of Marathon, bathed by the sea breeze of the calm cove, is one of the most famous taverns in Aegina, with heavy tradition and history, started in 1930 by Kyriakos Stratigos and continued to this day by his son, Stelios Stratigos .

The seaside, family tavern “Strategos” is defined by large indoor and outdoor spaces, suitably designed to offer warmth and coziness in the winter and a cool pleasant environment during the hot summer months.

The restaurant’s customers include well-known businessmen and politicians, permanent residents of the island and vacationers, who prefer to enjoy their dinner there, for the beautiful view of the sea, the friendly atmosphere and of course the cuisine with homemade care from fresh local ingredients.

Ostria Restaurant

Just a few meters away next on the listi is Ostria Restaurant. On the edge of the water, on the moist sand of yet another bay in the Gulf of Saronikos, simple tables, plain wicker weaved chairs, hospitable smiles, willing hands and flavours that etch memories in the brain and the heart, that’s where you will find the Ostria restaurant.

Nontas Fish Tavern ( Perdika)

Nonda’s fish tavern in Aegina stands out for its location, beautiful decoration, impeccable service and friendly prices. The purest ingredients, local products, fresh fish, meat and seafood are always used to prepare the delicious dishes, while the flavors are accompanied by ouzo, beer and chilled wine from the barrel.

Aiginitissa Fish tavern

The fish tavern Aeginitissa on the homonymous beach of Aegina needs no introduction. It has been a classic value in Aegina for decades and a pole of attraction for fish lovers everywhere. Travelers from all over Greece, domestic and not only celebrities, swear by the culinary creations of the legendary tavern, which they enjoy in an incredible setting that leaves old patrons and newcomers equally dazzled… Modest tables on the wave, the incredible blue-green waters of the gulf of Aeginitis and the horizon unfolding before your eyes. Welcome to Aeginitissa!

Kappos Etsi Aegina Town

Just 300 yards from the port, in one of the most picturesque side streets of Aegina, Dimitris Kappos will guide you into a realm of delicious Greek cuisine, blending traditional ingredients and cooking techniques with a modern flair for artistic dishes to tempt every palate.

A cozy and friendly atmosphere envelops both the inside of the stone-built restaurant and its traditional garden dining area. It offers you a unique opportunity to relax and enjoy gastronomic dishes created with culinary artistry. “Kappos Etsi” welcomes you and is faithful to the aromas and flavours of the Greek earth through using fresh ingredients. You may wish to accompany your meal with one of the fine selection of Greek wines from the “Kappos Etsi” cellar. To complete the culinary experience you are invited to choose from one of the many delicious handmade desserts.

Maridaki (Aegina Town)

It is an emblematic place of the island, a tavern, which started its operation in 1948! The stories that accompany it are countless and all of them linked to the people who loved it and enjoyed the comfort of good food, overlooking the port of Aegina.

Recently, the Maridaki restaurant was renovated by its new owner Kyriakos Klonos, who with great sensitivity highlighted all those important elements of the business and the building, which time covered with its own patina. The result was to create a bright space that welcomes the visitor. The soft color tones seem like a continuation of the white and blue of the harbor and horizon. 

The well-known chef Stavros Lorenzos presents an excellent menu, which includes wonderful Greek cuisine, creatively prepared. The preparations are dominated by local products, which highlight the culinary values of the island.

Casa della pizza @ Perdika

Here we meet the definition of authentic Italian cuisine, since Casa della Pizza was created by Eraldo, when he decided to leave behind Venice, where he comes from, and come to stay permanently in Aegina. Here you will enjoy delicious wood-fired pizza with authentic Italian ingredients, calzone, pasta, salads!

Porto Italiano Aegina

Porto Italiano opened its doors in the summer of 2020 on the beautiful beach of Aegina. Its well-kept and elegant space welcomes you every day from early in the morning, with a rich breakfast and fine coffee for a strong start. At noon you can enjoy a light lunch or brunch, but also enjoy unique summer evenings with the Saronic Gulf in the background, accompanied by delicious Italian dishes.

Nightlife in Aegina
Remvi All Day Cafe Bar

One of the top all-day hangouts of the island since 2009, Remvi All Day Cafe Bar, in its characteristic floral decoration, is located at the entrance of Aegina Town, next to Panagitsa church, at the most picturesque corner of the harbour boasting an incredible sea view.

Once the sun begins to set, Remvi Aegina is an ideal spot to see the sky change colors until the night falls. This is when you can enjoy a delicious dinner – ask for the special dinner menu. And as far as its cocktails are concerned, they are all homemade, created 100% by natural ingredients – all fruits (or fruit puree), syrups etc are made from original fruit (frosted during their season of fruition) and then are being added to the respective cocktails producing exotic and mouth-watering flavours… Events with Guest DJs or live music taking place all around the year have a loyal audience. Trust Kyriakos, the owner of Remvi Aegina, who carries some decades of history and experience in Aegina’s nightlife!

Inn On The Beach Bar

Inn on the Beach Bar Aegina is one of the island’s most characteristic places since 1987. It is located at the entrance of the Town of Aegina, very close to Panagitsa church. Its greatest advantage is its very location. It is placed literally over the sea offering a nice island breeze, breath-taking sunsets and a wonderful view till late at night when you will feel overwhelmed by the beautiful starry sky. People recommend it for its cocktails, drinks and fresh juices and of course you can enjoy your coffee or beer accompanied by a small snack. The environment is relaxing, the sofas really comfortable and the portions very satisfying. Inn on the Beach Bar Club Aegina is open all day playing atmospheric music. In the evening, you can enjoy good vibes and special nights with selected DJ/ CJ sets for nightlife fans! Inn on the Beach Bar is really a must in July and August with Guest DJs partying all night long!

Oinoh Aegina Social Bar

“Oinoh” (Enoe) Social Bar Aegina‘s newest entry as regards its nightlife. The moment it opened under new management, the bar automatically got the love of Aegina’s people and not only. Now, you can’t go out on a Friday or Saturday night without passing from Oinoh Aegina. Great music on the decks, special cocktails and positive vibes only! What’s more, here you may order coffee of fantastic quality 100% Arabica (Blend) produced and packed for Oinoh exclusively, a variety of teas and herbs, a fresh cocktail boasting 10 special cocktails inspired from both classical and modern recipes… Last but not least, foodies love this place enjoying pancakes, burgers, salads or finger food all day. 


“Vartan”, a cozy small bar for dancing or just relaxing with a drink in your hand


Perdikiotika located in down town Aegina is a unique bar with lots off history. First its just beautiful with original painted ceilings from when its was a bank 130 years ago. In the summer there is a huge garden in the back to eat delicious Mediterranean food with a twist and absolutely amazing cocktails,perfect for those hot summer nights .